Morning and afternoon shifts are available

Transportation coverage is available for the following areas: Kalamaria, Pylaia, Centre of Thessaloniki

Our Philosophy

‘’Koperti” is an open, experiential school. It is a Children’s Society.

We strongly believe that each child is unique. We respect the pace a child needs to develop himself or herself and learn how to learn. Through gaming, encouraging and rewarding our early childhood educators set as a goal the development of self-esteem and self-confidence of each child in as well as out of the school classroom.

We enhance the aptitude and talents our pupils have and we encourage the innate curiosity they express while they are gradually getting to know the world. In this process we are here with consciousness and positive attitude.

Experiential learning means teaching adapted to students’ needs, interests and experiences.

Our approach

At Koperti we depend our program planning on the principles of experiential learning and modern teaching methods, such as active and co-operative learning and above all playing!

Children find learning meaningful and they make connections between the knowledge and experience they acquire. Working in groups, experiences, as well as co-operative attitude, emotional involvement, self-acting, active listening, respecting diversities and the appearing aims, compose the basic parameters of experiential learning. Based on this background, each personality develops and so does every small society, as a school group is.

Playing takes a major role in the program planning of Koperti School. It is the means used, so that our little students will learn how to explore, experiment, create, solve problems, depict, co-operate and communicate.

Accepting the principle that children learn more easily when actively involved in the learning process, both educators and students interact aiming to approach knowledge through everyday discoveries. We believe that children perceive and enjoy the world they live in, only when knowledge is active and experiential. This way they gradually trust their capabilities and finally believe in themselves!

Child- Parents and educators hand – in-hand … and the beginning of a dynamic build-up starts!

Adaptation at Koperti

The initial visit and first games in the yard and classrooms of Koperti take place with a firm belief and respect to the child’s adaptation process. Success and development need basis and we create this basis together!

Initially, a separate meeting takes place -parents meet the educator of the class –in a pre- arranged meeting before the beginning of the adaptation process.

The steps we adhere are the following:

  • 1st Day: Educators, children and parents meet, and children remain in the school premises for an hour.

The child spends his/her first day at school with free gaming in the premises of the school yard. Parents or a familiar person are welcome to be concurrently present at the parents’ area of our facilities, which continues throughout the whole adaptation period.

  • 2nd Day: The child remains at the class he/she is starting to incorporate for one and a half hours.
  • 3rd to 5th Day: gradual increase of the remaining time at school, until a totally positive interaction with the educator and classmates is achieved, so that the adaptation to the Koperti school program has been completed.

Consequently, all together endowed with persistence and patience we reach the best result concerning the descent child’s transition from the family to the new school environment!

Infants 1+year

Infancy is an extremely sensitive and caring period in human life. Our original aim is to create a reliable and loving interrelation between the infant and educators who are responsible for their care and education. This relationship is gradually elaborated within a safe and calm environment. Concerning the Infant class our priorities are the care, safety, hygiene and education of the infants. What an infant needs, is an environment with varied stimuli corresponding to the analogous age educational material, so that he/she develops not only emotionally and cognitively but in the fields of language and mobility issues as well.

Post Infants 2+ years

The educators of this group ‘’embrace” each child separately, so that he/she adopts himself in the group, thus ensuring a warm family atmosphere full of love, safety and warmth. The educational program for this age group has been planned to encourage the holistic development of children through a plethora of activities respecting both the needs and personal pace of each child. We create an attractive learning environment enriched with stimuli and information aiming to the active participation of our little students. In this age group our program embodies activities related to socio-emotional fields as well as mobility education and cognitive development.

Little Pre-Nursery 3+ years

In this age group we mainly care about the children’s gradual passing from the infant to nursery age in an environment of trust, safety and love.

Having as a priority the children’s need for learning, creating, self-expressing and playing, we form a program rich in activities aiming to bring the kids into contact with all the learning subjects: Human and Natural Environment, Language, Maths, Fine Arts, Drama, Music, English Language, Sciences, Technology and Physical education.

Every week the Little Pre-Nursery School students participate in courses organized by specialized educators in parallel with the weekly educational program of scheduled activities:

  • English Language Course
  • Modern Art Course
  • Music Course
  • S.T.E.M. Course

Nursery School

The Koperti Nursery School prepares children for their gradual inclusion to the next Educational Grade. By offering a functional and interesting learning environment and carrying out suitable age corresponding educational projects, we enable our little students to acquire unique experience, knowledge and skills, develop their personality, promote critical thinking and develop their imagination. While following this program our educators act answering to the children’s needs and interests. The activities are designed addressing to small groups or to the whole class and are implemented utilizing thematic projects as well as lesson plans on topics the students themselves imply. Every week the Pre-Nursery and Nursery School students participate in courses organized by specialized educators, in parallel with the weekly pre-scheduled activities.

  • English Language Course
  • Modern Art Course
  • Music Course
  • S.T.E.M. Course



At Koperti the care for the child’s development and interrelations between parents and educators is not restricted in the realm of the school program.


Students and parents meet at Koperti during the weekends in order to participate in thematic activities such as theatrical plays, music festivities, world days, X-mas bazaars and carnival parties! Our aim is to enable families to spend quality and creative time in the school premises with our educators.

Educational Outings

Since we fully adopt the effectiveness of the experiential way of acquiring knowledge, we provide our little students with the possibility to be actively involved in its acquisition as well as perceive in a better way their surrounding environment. Throughout the school year our school carries out educational visits and outings to selected destinations, like Art Exhibitions, museums, historical / archaeological sites, as well as theatrical plays and centers of environmental and cultural interest.

The team

The greatest satisfaction is met by the sense of love, delight and joy both educators and children share at Koperti.